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EZ-Pull Corkscrew & Pump Stopper Set

This beautifully coordinated 2 piece EZ-Pull Corkscrew & Pump Stopper Set combines a handsome self-pulling corkscrew with a cleverly engineered vacuum pump bottle stopper. The EZ-Pull Corkscrew is easy to use.. with just a few quick turns the cork will quickly ride up the specially coated internal screw, out of the bottle. To release the cork from the EZ-Pull Corkscrew, simply turn in the opposite direction. The hinged arms of the EZ-Pull Corkscrew swing out to fit wide flanged necks. The all-in-one Pump Stopper will preserve the freshness of remaining wine. A few up and down strokes of the grip, pumps out the air that spoils wine. The pump stopper will stay on the bottle until ready to pour again. The EZ-Pull Corkscrew & Pump Stopper Set comes in attractive blister card gift pack.