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EZ-Pull Soft Grip Corkscrew

With it’s simple turning action and self-pulling extraction, this attractive EZ-Pull Soft Grip Corkscrew makes opening wine a pleasure. With just a few turns in one direction of the EZ-Pull Soft Grip Corkscrew, the cork will quickly ride up the specially coated internal screw, out of the bottle, and into the corkscrew body. To release the cork from the EZ-Pull Soft Grip Corkscrew, simply turn in the opposite direction, the cork automatically drops out and the corkscrew is re-set for the next bottle. Features for the EZ-Pull Soft Grip Corkscrew include… Built-in foil cutter, soft non-slip handle, specially coated spiral and partially open body shows cork being extracted. The EZ-Pull Soft Grip Corkscrew comes attractively packaged in an open window gift box.