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Most popular people like ourselves know that summer is not only the season for barbeques, pool parties, and long walks into the sunset, but it is also wedding season. Yes, those glorious occasions in which to celebrate the union of two beautiful people promising to live their lives together in blissful serenity til death or a week in vegas. We at Winestuff find weddings as a great opportunity to show off our abundance of style, whether it is a fresh new dance move, your new alligator wingtips, or that unique gift no one expects, but will never forget. Although we wish we could help you in all three of those departments, we definitely got you covered with the gift. Here are a few items just off the top of our head that are guaranteed to wow the groom’s inlaws for years to come. And you’ll be directly responsible for his acceptance into their family. Win-win-win for everybody, even if her parents don't realize it yet.