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Riedel Vitis Tasting Set (Set of 4)

Riedel Vitis Wine Glasses are machine-made of lead crystal and are the pinnacle of modern stemmed-glass technology. Featuring a highly sophisticated grape varietal specific bowl on a pulled stem, Riedel Vitis Wine Glasses are a stunning aesthetic and technical achievement. Riedel Vitis  Wine Glasses are the tallest machine-made lead crystal glasses in the Riedel line. Harmonizing traditional glassmaking skills with the latest technology, Riedel Vitis  Wine Glasses have a stem that is literally pulled from the bowl as it is being made. This level of craftsmanship results in a beautifully smooth transition from bowl to base and a much stronger glass. Riedel Vitis  Wine Glasses, as with all Riedel glasses, are designed to emphasize and complement the characteristics of each of the main grape varieties.

Riedel Vitis Tasting Set Includes:
(1) Riedel Vitis Cabernet/Bordeaux 10-1/4", 8-1/4 oz
(1) Riedel Vitis Pinot Noir/Burgundy 10-1/4", 27 7/8 oz
(1) Riedel Vitis Montrachet 9-5/8"", 24-3/8 oz
(1) Riedel Vitis Riesling 10-1/4", 17 1/4 oz

Riedel Model Number of the Riedel Vitis Tasting Set Set: # 5403/47