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Riedel Altitude Matters Decanter

The brilliantly modern Altitude Matters Decanter presents a classic RIEDEL design with a new twist: the profile of the Kaiser Mountains in Tyrol, Austria.

This stunning mountain range has been the backdrop of nearly the last decade of history for the Riedel family, only a short drive from the RIEDEL Head Office and handmade factory. Fittingly, this profile sits with a redesign of the Tyrol decanter, which debuted in 2007 to commemorate the family rebuilding their dynasty in Tyrol following WWII.

Slightly smaller than the original Tyrol, the eye-catching shape of this decanter makes it ideal for younger wines. Its wide base ensures optimum aeration while the angled lip guarantees an easy pour.

This decanter is designed to hold a single bottle of wine.

Capacity: 65 7/8 oz 
Height:  7 1/2 in