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N'FINITY PRO 92 Dual Zone Wine Cellar (Stainless Steel Door)

Introducing the N'FINITY PRO series, which brings the level of performance found in top restaurants, hotels and wine shops home to you. Look beyond the stylish exterior, innovative shelving, cool blue LED lighting and infinite versatility. Designed by and for people who really know wine, what truly sets this series apart is advanced technology. With performance this sophisticated at prices this affordable, it's the perfect time to step up to N'FINITY PRO.

N'FINITY PRO's advanced technology:

• Reduces vibration - leaves sediment undisturbed toward proper aging and a more balanced taste

• Reduces noise - you barely know it's there

• Increases energy efficiency - up to 40% more efficient than similar sized models

• Extends life span - professional grade components extend the life of your wine cellar

Designed with unparalleled attention to detail:

Smooth-rolling, wood-front wire shelves Gently gliding on ball bearing tracks, N'FINITY PRO low-flex shelves are designed to cradle bottles of Bordeaux [regular] size and larger, including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Champagne, protecting labels from being scratched by the shelves above. Each N'FINITY PRO comes with a complete set of shelves.

Dual Zone digital temperature control Giving you service and storage options for reds and whites in just one cellar, the top zone adjusts from 41-54°Ffor service, the bottom zone 46-66°F for aging. The N'FINITY PRO comes equipped with a temperature display lock to insure the proper settings of each zone.

Cool blue LED interior lights Showcasing your collection, we've fitted each N'FINITY PRO with a series of cool blue LED pin lights at the top and bottom of the cabinet to illuminate your wine with style. Which uses less energy and creates very low heat than standard lighting. Choose the door to fit your decor Designed to be free-standing or built into cabinetry, it fits in anywhere you'd like. For larger collections, position two units side-by-side. Convenient front venting design. The door is reversible to open left or right, UV protected and frost and condensation free.

N'FINITY PRO 92 Dual Zone Wine Cellar Dimensions:34.25"H X 47.5" W X 23" D

Gross Shipping Weight: 212 LBS

Net Weight:204 LBS

Rated Voltage: 115 V

Frequency:60 HZ

Rated Power Input: 140 Watts

Rated Current: Starting Amps-7.5A/Running Amps- 1.10A       Light Power: Max 0.5 Watts

Refrigerant: R134A, HFC Free

Energy Consumption:267 kwh/year

N'FINITY PRO 92 Dual Zone Wine Cooler Capacity:92 Bottles

N'FINITY PRO 92 Dual Zone Wine Cooler MFG Model Number: 268 87 46