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EuroCave Performance 500 Hybrid Complete Package Multi-Zone Wine Cellar (Glass Door)

The EuroCave Performance 500 Hybrid Complete Package is a mega 446 bottle capacity wine cellar with 6 additional rolling shelves and 2 additional charcoal filter when compared to the standard EuroCaves.

The EuroCave Performance 500 Hybrid Package is a multiple temperature wine refrigerator that marries the sophisticated technology and superior French styling, of the EuroCave Performance 283 1-Temp and 3-Temp models, into a side-by-side deluxe unit. Lava rocks help to add moisture within cabinet to maintain ideal humidity. The hygrometer provides an LCD display to advise of humidity range. Built-in alarm alerts when humidity level has fallen below 50%, where water can be added to cassettes to increase humidity to optimum range of 50-80%. Also the security lock and key will keep your valuable collection protected. The 1-Temp side re-creates the natural deep cellar and ensures a constant optimum temperature between 55°F and 57°F. The 3-Temp side has 3 distinct compartments; The room temperature compartment at the top keeps red wines at their recommended serving temperature (62-66°F), the aging compartment (53-57°F) for storing and aging your wine and the serving compartment (40-44°F) for chilling white wines and champagne for service. **Capacity is based off using standard Bordeaux size bottles, using larger Pinot Noir/Rhone size bottles may limit the capacity. If you would like to store larger bottles you can easily adjust the height of any of the shelves. Additional shelving will lower bottle capacity.

EuroCave Performance 500 Hybrid Complete Package Dimensions:68-1/2"H x 52"W x 27-1/4"D

EuroCave Performance Hybrid Complete Package Model Number: 285 23 01 3X

*Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery