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Vinturi Spirit Aerator

Raise spirits' flavor to a higher level with the Vinturi Spirit Aerator. You've experienced the dramatically improved taste of wine using the Vinturi Wine Aerator. Now savor Whiskey Tequila Vodka Gin and all other spirits like never before with the Vinturi Spirit Aerator! A built-in jigger with volume markers and push-button flow control lets you measure and aerate at the same time. Taste the many hidden flavors spirits have to offer with the Vinturi Spirit Aerator! The Vinturi Spirit Aerator includes a no-drip stand. Acrylic. Aerator and stand are dishwasher safe. The Vinturi Spirit Aerator enhances the taste of: Scotch Cognac Port Tequila Whiskey Bourbon Vodka Gin Rum Brandy Sake Liqueurs Size: 6'H The Vinturi Spirit Aerator make a great gift for any occasion.