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Spiegelau Classics Beer Glasses

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5 Item(s)

per page

The Spiegelau Classic Beer Collection includes sets of Lager glasses, Tall Pilsner glasses, and Wheat Beer glasses. Each individual styled beer glass is designed to pay homage to Spiegelau’s rich history of glassmaking with elegant curves that accentuate the characteristics of each respective beer to the palate.

The Spiegelau Lager Glass presents a classic design with a narrow base and a wide mouth. This elegant appearance to the traditional style is only half of it. The wide mouth enhances the mouthfeel, unleashing the often aggressive and complex tastes of finer lagers.

A glass that is considered ideal for heavy-bodied beers, Spiegelau's Stemmed Pilsner Glass represents a modern appearance and its open mouth allows you to fully enjoy the exquisite flavor of your favorite pilsner.

Spiegelau's Wheat Beer Glass is a unique display when taking into consideration how it narrows at the rim. It was designed carefully in order to take advantage of the specific characteristics of wheat beer and enthusiasts of this type of alcohol will surely appreciate their efforts.

Spiegelau Classic Beer Collection also comes in a Connoisseur gift set that makes a great introduction to the full-bodied world of beer.

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