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The Wine Check (Without Shipping Insert)

The Wine Check (Without Shipping Insert)

Product Review (submitted on August 30, 2014):
My husband & I have been purchasing wine while traveling since 1995. Our "record" is 5 cases from Germany in one trip. We just returned from New Zealand with three cases of wine, using three new Wine Checks for the first time. They were purchased especially for this trip and they were wonderful to have.

We had been using boxes with styrofoam inserts specifically designed to hold a case of wine. We had to replace these boxes every 3-4 trips due to wear and tear. The inserts that come with the Wine Checks are the same as what we had been using before, but the boxes are now protected and will not "wear out". My only complaint with the Wine Check is that the handle is not long enough for my 6'5" husband to pull easily, but we managed. I am 5'8"and our daughter is 5'10". We would like the strap to be longer than it is as well, but this was so much easier than strapping the three full boxes to a small handcart with a bungie cord! A permanent handle, like those on a wheeled suitcase that retracts when not in use, would be ideal.

Overall, we are thrilled with our purchase and look forward to using them on many trips to come.