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Make Scents of Wine 54 Aroma Master Kit

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Great way to train your nose between bottles Review by Winelover
This superb wine aroma kit makes a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you know. It has the appearance of a large hardbound book like an Atlas or Dictionary. The vials are presented very attractively in separate slots and are numbered so that you have to guess the aroma. Then you compare the number to the master list to see if you got it right. The vials and their holders take up the right side of the "book" and pictures and descriptions of the aroma sources (fruits, flowers, etc.) are handsomely presented on large, high-quality-printed cards on the left side of the "book." You use the vials by opening them and taking a whiff and then closing them to keep the aromas fresh. In other words, you don't ever pour the liquids out. The 54 samples give a very broad spectrum of aromas useful for wine tasting and are a great way to train your nose or keep it in "good shape" without having to open a bottle of wine. It is also fun for wine tasting parties, too. (Posted on 8/3/2011)

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